[nafex] Re: NAFEX Handbook

rick valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Mon Dec 18 16:05:45 EST 2000

Here's my answers to Claude's Q's. But I'd rather go to a better coffee 
place than Starbucks! -Rick
>What is the audience for the handbook - beginners, novices, experts?
entry to mid
>What topics would the handbook contain?
consider the first and add new topics if it seems  a good idea. For 
instance, as a bamboo grower, I can say it ought to have a section on the 
importance of integrating bamboo in a fruit growing situation.
>What format would the handbook take - 3 ring binder, magazine 8-11
>inches, etc.?
a handbook ought to be a handy size
>Would the handbook be sold only to NAFEX members?
The SSE sells their publications to anybody. The book could be 
outreach/advertising if it was more generally available.

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