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> "Dr. Chiranjit Parmar" wrote:
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> > Out of the 200 list members not more than 20 are active.
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I do not see this as a permanent circumstance. Perhaps the idea is only slightly ahead of its time. I have known about NAFEX for many years but only just recently became aware of this e-list. Pointing out that few NAFEX members are as yet participating is not "negative", just reality but not any reason to discard a good idea(s) that could have great potential in the near future.

> When first proposed the concept did not mention official sponsorship of

I think there are at least two differnet ideas being put forward. One seems to boil down to putting POMONA online... The other(s) is providing Online educational oportunties more or less independent of NAFEX and POMONA. And I think a few other ideas as well(?)

> If there are people interested in developing such a project, is there
> any reason why a trial project should not be undertaken to determine if
> there is interest in visiting and participating in using such
> information?

Not as far as I can see.

> If it would assist in this discussion, I would be willing to undertake a
> very simple demonstration of a sample discussion and post it on my web.

I would be very interested in getting a better picture of what exactly you have in mind. If it is a project not directly related to NAFEX and you fell it would be inapropriate to continue discussion about it on THIS e-list why not start another e-list? It's free and I think many here would be very interested.

> site for review.
> Claude Sweet
> San Diego, CA
> zone 10

PS in regard to Dan's reference to "Echo Development Notes" they are not only available through e-mail, back issues are also available online. This might be something worth examining in relation to putting POMONA Online.



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