[nafex] flat scarlet mite

Adrian.Barta at datcp.state.wi.us Adrian.Barta at datcp.state.wi.us
Mon Dec 18 16:28:19 EST 2000

The flat scarlet mite (Cenopalpus pulcher) has been detected in the 
USDA National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis, Oregon.  
(Actually, the mite was found in 1990, but mis-identified then.  It's 
hard to identify something you've never seen before.)  The  flat 
scarlet mite is reportedly a minor pest in Europe and the Middle 
East.  It is a concern for plant protection people here in the U.S., 
because one never knows how an organism will react, freed of its 
natural controls.  It is a particular concern having been found at
the Germplasm Repository, as the mite may have been shipped 

Here in Wisconsin, the state Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer 
Protection will be conducting a survey for the mite, and contacting 
people who received scionwood from Corvallis in the last ten years. 
I suspect some other states may do the same, unless they're
waist-deep in Plum Pox work.  I wish I had more information to offer 
you all, but right now, we've got very little.  I'll keep the group 
Adrian Barta
WI DATCP Pest Survey

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