[nafex] Re: edible honeysuckles

Christopher Mauchline mauch1 at aol.com
Wed Dec 27 12:00:10 EST 2000

Only one flowered thus far (one or two flowers) and it was a not 
particularly noticable pale yellow color. I did not smell it and did 
not notice a fragrance.

One was the "species" obtained from ForestFarm.

The other two were from Hidden Springs (Hector Black).  They don't 
list them in their catalog as (I believe) they haven't done well for 
them, but they were kind enough to sell me two numbered varieties 
they still had.  I had written  a letter to Hidden Springs.

As to growth habit, they are definitely shrubs with quite upright 
growth (as opposed to the Lonicera fragrantissa I purchased (from 
ForestFarm) because it was recommended for helping along the Horn-
faces bees (Osmia cornifrons) and it was supposed to be a "shrub". I 
have to prop it up to get to look "shrubby".)

I keep a layer of mulch on them (usually grass clippings), but don't 
mulch them for winter.  Last winter I attempted to use an article 
from Pomona for both these and my apricot. A russian had written that 
they pile snow around their apricots to delay the onset of bloom.  So 
the apricot and honeysuckle are planted near my driveway and I piled 
snow on them.  All the prunus that flowered last year (Nanking 
cherry, Plum (Euro and Japanese), and the apricot) got frosted by a 
cold snap this past spring. I don't think that we get a deep enough 
snow cover, or for long enough for the "piling" snow technique to 
work in my climate, but I may continue to try it for a few more years.

As to other things re: the edible honeysuckle, the yard/garden 
sometimes get away from me (I have 16 month-old twin boys (and 
another on the way), so the honeysuckle got rather "weedy" the year.  
My nephew came over to help with the grass cutting and (you guessed 
it) accidently mowed them off (in July).  All survived this 
treatment, two of them grew 8 inches after this (the other, smallest 
of the three, only put out a little growth).

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex at egroups.com, "GIANNI-2" <GIANNI-2 at p...> wrote:
> Hello Christopher:
> Was wondering what you could tell me about your Lonicera's???
> Have they flowered and fragrant.
> Is their habit like vinca or do they stand upright somewhat?
> Are the 3 all the same variety?
> Have you mulched them or done anything for winter protection
> and lastly, where did you acquire yours if I may?
> Thanks,
> Best wishes,
> Gianni
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>   I have had 3 for about a year now - no fruit yet.  Supposedly, 
>   questionable for SE PA, as too moderate a climate.
>   Chris Mauchline
>   SE PA, zone 6
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>   > Hello,
>   > 
>   > Does anyone have experience with the culture of these?  Quality 
>   the 
>   > fruit etc.?
>   > Thank you.
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>   > Regards,
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>   > Scott Breneman
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