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Tue Dec 26 22:24:15 EST 2000

Hello Christopher:
Was wondering what you could tell me about your Lonicera's???
Have they flowered and fragrant.
Is their habit like vinca or do they stand upright somewhat?
Are the 3 all the same variety?
Have you mulched them or done anything for winter protection
and lastly, where did you acquire yours if I may?
Best wishes,
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  I have had 3 for about a year now - no fruit yet.  Supposedly, 
  questionable for SE PA, as too moderate a climate.

  Chris Mauchline
  SE PA, zone 6

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  > Hello,
  > Does anyone have experience with the culture of these?  Quality of 
  > fruit etc.?
  > Thank you.
  > Regards,
  > Scott Breneman
  > SE  PA
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