[nafex] On germinating Sambucus

H. Dessureault inter.verbis at atreide.net
Fri Dec 22 11:15:37 EST 2000

Thank you for the information about germinating Sambucus. Del Stubbs from Minnesota expressed an interest in receiving some Black Elderberry seeds and I hope he reads your message.
I am in Canada and cannot send live material to Minnesota. So root cuttings is out of the question.
I would like to test my seeds before I offer them to someone else. Elderberry seeds are surprisingly tiny. I have dried the fruits for the purpose of using them in muffins and the like. So I dried the fruit in the dryer at a temperature of approx. 100 or 100 degree Farenheit at the most. I might have done a slower drying had I been considering germination. 
I have done some stratification before, for such seeds as roses and other perennial types of flowers, ginseng and some nut trees. 
How long do you figure the stratification should last and at what average temperature?
I am trying to determine whether I have time to make a test before I send the seeds or whether it would be better just to send the seeds so that stratification would be finished by the Spring.
Advice would be appreciated...
Hélène Dessureault

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