[nafex] cider varieties in virginia`

jim jmc1 at epix.net
Sun Dec 24 11:07:45 EST 2000

Ken, a major source of reliable information is Lee Calhoun's Old Southern
Apples (1995)  McDonald & Woodward Publ., Blacksburg.  Probably the best
compendium in existence.  Lee's address (I think) is 3411 Longwood Lane,
Conway, SC 20527.  If you're lucky, should find the book in local library.
We do have it available in our bookstore section.  It's a good read.


ken harnad wrote:

> Hello Folks,
>      I've been reading this group for awhile now and it's been a real
> education!
>      I'm looking to plant a small cider orchard here in the
> shenandoah valley.  Is there anyone out there who can recommend
> varieties that do well (or might do well) here in the valley?  I have
> a few culinary and dessert apples already, but am looking to "round
> out" my cider with some specialty cider apples.  Thanks and I hope
> everyone has a great holiday.  ken

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