[nafex] winterkill

Kieran or Donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Wed Dec 20 10:09:15 EST 2000

Mn. del wrote:
bless the snow if it covers your graft!   i'm envious of orchardists with
deep snow.   Question, when i get my copy of the handbook perhaps i'll be
more up to speed on winter kill,  but if this is Tom's 1st graft it deserves
extraordinary measures, no?     if half of the winter kill problem is
dessication, couldn't he wrap it with layers of plastic, or hot wax , or?
or shovel snow up around it?

My reply:
I don't remember a thing about winterkill in the Handbook.  Dessication was
a problem in citrus in the 80's from the wild swings in the jet stream
(happening again this winter) that occurred in those years. There is some
kind of antitranspirant available that is supposed to help with that.  It
slows down the plants growth (actually a good idea in Florida's
unpredictable winters) as well.  If you could find out the name it would
probably be worth having to deal with your Minnesota winters.  Maybe hot dry
Minnesota summers sometimes too.  I wonder, would plain ole white latex
(indoor only) paint work for you?   Donna

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