[nafex] Apple Rootstocks / biennal bearing

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Fri Dec 15 02:10:50 EST 2000

What's the rootstock under the Cortland?

Claude Jolicoeur wrote:
> A 11:17 00.12.14 -0600, vous avez écrit :
> >There were several accounts of topgrafting apples to increase
> >hardiness. I had one experience that suggested that the tree used
> >for its frame may influence whether the grafted varieties bear
> >annually or biennially.
> I find this is a very interesting subject... I have also noticed different
> behavior of a variety depending on where it is grafted - for example,
> Yellow Transparent topgrafted on Cortland shows very little biennalism. On
> the other hand, grafted on a wild seedling, it is completely biennal (i.e.
> 0 production one year, full crop the other) whatever I do about it.
> This wild sedling tree with Yellow Transparent is an interesting case. Both
> varieties have about the same development - there are about 6 branches
> grafted to Transparent and about the same number of branches of the
> original tree. Both varieties flower and produce together the same year.
> One winter, all the flower buds of the wild variety froze, but the
> Transparent flowered heavily. I thought that, the following year, the wild
> variety would flower and this would bring the tree out of this biannual
> habit. But no, the following year, there was not a single flower in the
> tree and the biennal habit wasn't broken.
> I don't know what controls this, wether the supporting tree has to produce
> fruit or not. Can just a frame have an influence? a root?
> I would appreciate to read from others on this topic.
> Claude

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