[nafex] Re: Hardy Apricots

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Mon Dec 11 19:09:33 EST 2000

I was reading in more depth your well documented note on hardy apricots and
a few questions raised...

1. Are P.mandshurica and P.sibirica really different species from
P.armeniaca or simply strains? 

2. Other than cold hardiness, are there important difference between them?
For instance, you wrote :
>I understand that Scout has tended to have dormancy problems in the 
>East which makes me suspect that it may have some P. mandshurica 
Does this mean that there is a fundamental dormancy problem with
P.mandshurica in the East?

3. In my notes, I had Scout listed as a Manchurian seedling, which goes
with what you suspect (above), but then Brooks and Olmo would be wrong. Or
maybe the explanation could be that if Manchurian is a strain of
P.armeniaca, then Brooks and Olmo would also be right???

Thanks, Claude

A 14:28 00.12.11 -0000, vous avez écrit :
>Claude, have you tried Westcot and Morden 604? They were both bred at 
>the Agriculture Canada station at Morden, Manitoba in Agriculture 
>Canada zone 3b and have been reported successful by several people in 
>cold areas of Eastern Canada. They have Prunus armeniaca ancestry (or 
>mostly) and are not unusually prone to dormancy problems. [....]

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