[nafex] Re: Tender rootstocks in zone 3

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Sun Dec 3 21:04:26 EST 2000

> malus prunifolia. What is anyones opinion about it and its use in 
> soil?  

I just read that the more fibrous a rootstock is the less tolerant of 
wet conditions, suspected cause- O2 is depleted faster than that 
stored in a more carrot- rooted stock such as antonovka which is said 
to do better than most on wet sites. 
Even better apparently is Borowinka, it too is not so fibrous, but 
not as hardy as antonovka, almost though.
I don't recall if prunifolia is fibrous, I believe it is though. 
Which doesn't mean it won't do well on your clay site, clay soil is 
not necessarily synonymous with wet, many fruits and nuts do fine in 
pure clay if well drained. I would plant in a mound though, this 
seems to help.

i was taught to graft just below the soil line, for 
> varietal regeneration , but is this advisable  in heavy soil?

I've been told not to bury more than two new inches of trunk in one 
year, otherwise you risk rot killing the tree. With a standard you 
can go either way, graft above or below the soil. If the cultivar 
roots you may get more vigorous growth and won't have a compatability 
problem, but this shouldn't happen with prunifolia.

which ex, station is David Bredford in?

Minneapolis, but he keeps abreast of the results of MN's far northern 
research station which is in . . . I don't recall the city, French 
name I believe.
>                                        thanks, minnesota del
> Kevin

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