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Sat Apr 17 09:52:56 EDT 2010

The TROTSAR Mounted Team will be conducting MSAR training on May 8th and 9th
at Cedarville State Forest (CSF) Maryland.  On 8 May 2010, a nighttime hasty
search will begin at 2000 hours on 17 miles of CSF trails.  CSF is a small
area that is only 3510 acres is size, so we expect this to be an easily
controlled exercise.  The ICP, (basic) first aid station and MSAR Camp for
this event will be in the Equestrian Camping area.  Water and bathrooms are
on site but the camp sites have no facilities and you must bring your own
picket line or portable corral.  MSAR Hasty teams will consist of 3 horse
and riders.  Any field team on task that happens to get lost will be
required to stay the night in place. A second (daytime) Hasty Search will be
conduct at 1030 hours on Sunday morning (if anyone gets lost we will find
you during that exercise).  


If any validated MSAR teams would like to send their team members to attend
please contact me directly. Negative Coggins and a copy of your team's
insurance policy must be presented in order to attend this event. Additional
details will be provided to those who RSVP as attending.  Participants must
be in ride with normal MSAR turnout gear, VHF radio (Freq 155.160) and must
wear an approved riding helmet.  A campsite fee of $20 dollars per night is
required, payable to the Maryland Park Service (I can make your reservation
in your behalf). There is no other cost for attendees.  You will need to
provide your own food and water for yourself and mount.  


Sorry, this event is not open to individuals who are not affiliated with a
validated (local or State) MSAR Team. Please RSVP early if you plan to
attend only 8 non-TROTSAR slots are available.   Information and maps about
CSF can be found online at


Information about Maryland NGO Search Team Standards and SAR equipment list
can be found at http://www.dnr.state.md.us/nrp/volunteer.html  (click on SAR
Team Standards)



www.trotsar.org <http://www.trotsar.org/>  



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