[MSAR] Introducing TESAR (Franklin and Wake counties, North Carolina USA)

Una Smith una.smith at att.net
Tue Feb 23 15:40:51 EST 2010

The following intro to a new MSAR unit is from Lila Corey, based in
Franklin County.  She has made tremendous progress, getting this new
unit started.  The technical rescue team her unit is affiliated with
is based in Wake County and has the website http://www.redsteam.com/

Thank you, Lila!


Lila Corey wrote:
> Last year TESAR (Triangle Equine SAR) was started in the Raleigh area
>of NC.  We accomplished our bylaws, and SOP along with a certification
>to be required for membership with horse and rider.  Since that time,
>we received a grant from the NC Horse Council for some of our equipment.
>We also have been accepted into the REDS Team, which is a well known
>technical SAR team in the area.  We have practiced pulling stokes
>baskets with equipment and injured victims on board, mock searches,
>participated in confined space exercises and standbys.  Some of the
>courses taken by members include CPR,  boat operations, helicopter
>transport, and some of our ICS on line courses and the FUNSAR course.
>I have taken the MLSO course since I am chief at present time, and was
>told it would be helpful.  We have  worked with ropes training, and
>Feb. will include  a Hazmat Combo class.   We participated in one foot
>search and deployed at one MSAR search, and helped on dive missions.
>Luckily, ours have had happy endings so far.  The MSAR unit is
>comprised of 3 females, and we have a possible new member coming to our
>next meeting.  He is already EMT certified.  Our team will be a little
>unique in that being part of REDS, we will also participate in some
>technical  areas if we want to train for that.  We are having fun,
>learning a lot, and feel good to be offering this service to our area.
>Our local sheriffs seem to be happy to see this service developing in
>our area.  
> Lila Corey
> Caballera Farm
> 125 White Oak Drive 
> Youngsville, NC 27596
> 919-556-0161

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