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Una, your last e-mail asked  what is new with  MSAR groups. This  is to 
update you, my last e-mail was in the fall of 2009. 
Yesterday our Morgan County MSAR group certified  15 volunteers in  Health 
Care Provider CPR. We will follow up in Feb with First Aid Training.  We 
have designated the 2nd Saturday of the month as our MSAR training dates and  
have found trainers for  despookig, obstacle, mock search, compass, GPS,  
radio and other specialties we need to become proficient in.
We are under the direction and protection of our County  Fire District. 
They cover training costs, insurance and the technology we will  need. At this 
time we are very comfortable in this relationship  but life experience has 
taught me that we both will need to  review it yearly.     
We live in Central Missouri and our riders are a very competent outdoor  
people, each of them have spent time and effort into preparing and  purchasing 
the equipment they will need for MSAR. Each rider is prepared to  serve in 
base support or as a ground pounder if needed. We have a logo  and our 
guideline manual is being processed, we organized in November of  2009 and are 
clarifying guidelines as we go.  
The simple fact is that yesterday 15 people in our county were CPR  
certified and this is a great asset to our community.  One of those  trained 
yesterday may save a life at Walmart!  Who knows  where knowledge will be used. I 
believe that this is the strength of MSAR  and SAR - it is not always the 
big search but the private personal knowledge  that gives back and keeps on 
Thanks to all of you who have experience and are willing to guide  us.
 Mary Jo Jackson Morgan CO MSAR
Versailles, MO  
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