[MSAR] Douglas County (Oregon) Mounted Posse

Una Smith msar at ibiblio.org
Thu Oct 11 18:47:29 EDT 2007

I forward this to MSAR-Riders on behalf of Douglas County Mounted Posse.


>I received a forward concerning Mounted SAR in Oregon. I am the Secretary
>for the Douglas County Mounted Posse. Our address is 2675 NE Diamond Lake
>Blvd., Roseburg, Oregon 97470. A contact # is 541-673-1006
>A little history on our group.... we were formed in 1942, Incorporated in
>1945 . We are not associated with the Sheriff's Dept, as a whole. Some of
>our members, are part of the SAR, but as individuals only. We have approx. 7
>or 8 members that make the meetings / training and are willing to go on a
>call. We strive to promote ourselves as a horsemanship and community service
>organization. We sponsor an annual Gymkhana series, as well as a couple of
>Poker rides each year... these events enable us to help with Saving Grace
>Animal Adoption, 4-H awards and Jr Rodeo to name a few. 
>Oregon Association of Mounted Posse's is still going strong. We are the
>Posse recognized by them for Douglas County, (that may sound confusing...
>there is another group in Douglas County that has the word posse in their
>title)... I believe that there are 18 counties that have Posse in the
>organization. Several of us returned a couple of weeks ago from the annual
>Shodeo (a little show a little rodeo) held by OAMP, and there were 15
>counties present for competition. 
>Please feel free to pass along our contact info. to any one that is looking
>to improve their ability and help with various community services. 
>Sherri Davis, Secretary
>Douglas County Mounted Posse

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