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The red bailing twine has a FL(failure load) of 600 pounds.
The blue has a FL of 500
The brown (manila/hemp) has a FL of 250 pounds
A "standard" 3/4 inch cotton lead rope is about 1000 pounds FL


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Many use a length of bailing twine as a breakaway element in cross ties.
However, some of the nylon twine used in today's machines won't break when
pulled on. It is made of parallel fibers, much like the core of a climbing
rope and is very strong.  Best bet is to use a breakaway designed to
breakaway, either a safety snap or a Velcro loop, or something similar. 

Irv Lichtenstein 



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Horses need to be able stand tied to most stuff you will encounter on a SAR.
Im not saying that they be pericfict when tied but safe in my unit one
person stays with the horses(one person per team, so if two teams are in the
same area there is two people at least are with the horses.)Also im not
shoure if anyone know if baling twine will brake under the presure of a
This is just my opinin.
Matthew Aldrich

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