[MSAR] Volunteer Opportunities

Paul Fleming pfleming at nwlink.com
Sat Oct 21 11:33:49 EDT 2006

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Hi Mellissa,

I with PMSAR in Pierce county. I will attach a list of all the mounted units 
I know of. Hopefully you can find one close. I will also forward this to 
Paul Lanquist.  He is in a new unit forming up in that area.

Paul Fleming

Washington Counties                                                   Last update: 6/8/06 
County: Clark 
Name: Clark County Mounted Search And Rescue 
Type: Independent MSAR unit 
Poc: Jan Foltz   janhorselover at yahoo.com 
Poc: Brent Skill dbrent4 at juno.com  Unit Captain 
County: Ferry and Stevens 
Name: North East Washington Mounted Search And Rescue 
Type: Independent MSAR unit 
Poc:Tamea Denault   tdenault at oz.net  Unit Training Officer 
Poc:Faye Neff  neffj at msn.com  Unit President 
County: King 
Name: Northwest Horseback Search And Rescue     
Type: Independent MSAR Unit. 
Poc: Barbara Sly  slybarbara at aol.com Vice President, OL 
County: Lewis  
Name: Lewis County SHeriff's Posse 
Type: Independent MSAR Unit 
Poc: SGT Allen Stull  acstull at co.lewis.wa.us  SAR Coordinator 
Poc: Dep Rob Whithey rewhithey at co.lewis.wa.us  SAR Coordinator 
County: Pacific 
Name:   PAC CO SAR Mounted Unit 
Poc: Jamie Henington  jamie0276 at centurytel.net Unit Leader, Training Officer 
Poc:Deputy Rich Byrd, 
County: Pierce 
Name: Peninsula Mounted Search And Rescue   
Type:Independent MSAR unit 
Poc: Anna Dukes  dukesa at u.washington.edu  Unit President 
Poc: Paul Fleming pfleming at nwlink.com  Unit Training Officer 
County: Spokane 
Name: Spokane County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol   
Type: Independent MSAR unit 
Poc: Phoebe Duke phoebed at yahoo.com 
Poc: Ted Krausse krauss at icehouse.net  Unit Training Officer 
County: Thurston 
Poc: Chris Edin  Edinc at co.thurston.wa.us 
County: Walla Walla 
Name: Walla Walla County Sheriff's Mounted Search And Rescue 
Poc: Mickie Maxson-Box   maxson at pocketinet.com 
County: Whatcom  
Poc: Lauri M Beath-Davies   wcsar406 at hotmail.com 
Oregon Counties 
County: Deschutes  
Poc: Sarah Meredith  sarahjanemeredith at hotmail.com 
Poc: Sue Morgan 

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