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Emily Horsman horsmane at kellogg.edu
Thu Aug 31 14:12:14 EDT 2006

Please consider including us in your list of MSARs.
Great Lakes Search Team
Southwest Michigan
President: Emily L. Horsman
Battle Creek, MI
Great Lakes Search Team (GLST) consists of a Mounted Unit, K9 Unit, and Ground Unit.  All volunteer members are trained in a wide variety of search techniques, tracking, emergency preparedness, navigation and compass, incident command, as well as CPR and first aid.
We currently have:  5 Mounted teams, 7 K9 teams, and several Ground Search teams.
For callout, contact:  Emily Horsman   269-788-2812 or emilyhorsman at yahoo.com or horsmane at kellogg.edu
Thank you.
Emily L. Horsman

Emily L. Horsman
Academic Advisor
Kellogg Community College
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