[MSAR] Pelleted Feed

Wright owright at internetpro.net
Sun Feb 26 10:43:33 EST 2006

 I have heard so much discussion on the use of pelleted feed both here
and on other forums that it gets very confusing.   Isn't pelleted feed
just grain presented in a different form?   I fail to see how it could
be harmful in itself just because of how it is formed.
  I have fed pellets to my senior horse for five years- ever since she
had several running bouts of colic due to not being able to chew and
process hay/grass or traditional grains.  Since she's been on the
pellets (soaked), I have had no problems whatsoever with her although
before we were at the point of considering having her put down.  She is
my retired mounted unit horse and I plan to keep her going as long as
she is comfortable and eats.  On the pellets- she eats!  Just for the
record, she is 31 and no amount of dentistry can restore her chewing
abillity; we've tried.
Three are so many new feeds available in pelleted form today that it is
hard to generalize.  There are low-carb/sugar feeds, high fat, high
fiber, you name it.  Beet pulp is a huge ingredient and my choice in
lieu of hay when we go to a call-out.  Of course, my horses have beet
pulp added to their food daily anyway, so they are used to it.
If choke is a problem with cubes or pellets, they can be soaked.  Hay,
too.  This has the added benefit of re-hydrating the horse.  I also add
salt. We also have the choice of the dried, chopped hay in plastic
bales, which is still easier to transport than regular hay bales. 
I agree that it is better for their digestive systems to eat all day in
small amounts and usually grass or hay is better.  However, we ask more
of our horses than to stand around eating and there is also the matter
of TIME.. Sometimes, there just isn't enough of that.
Susan W 

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