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That is another thing I do with my $2,500 saddle is I also ride in all
weather.  I also take care of it.  We go through a lot of saddle soap and
neatsfoot oil.  I have Milton Bahrman's saddle that he had made for himself
in 1915 when he homesteaded in Terwilliger Valley, Southern California.  He
lived in his saddle until he gave it to his brother in the 1940s.  Then his
brother, Linc Bahrman rode it heavily until he gave it to me in 1975.  I
would still be using it, only my rump no longer fits in a 14 1/2 inch
saddle.  I passed it on to my son (Lincoln Easley).  I am now in something
closer to 16 inch.  I hope my great grandchildren will like my saddle as
much as I do.  Do I sound all fired up?  Just checking.  I could not afford
that saddle when my wife bought it for me as a birthday gift.  It has been
in the snow, rain, mud swam a river, I still clean and oil it regularly.
Philip Easley
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> An inexpensive saddle has the virtue of being less of a
> financial loss if it gets ruined.  I bought a good saddle,
> old and used, so I don't fret about it when we get soaked
> in a rainstorm.  I am quite sure it got soaked many times
> before I bought it.
> >irvin lichtenstein wrote:
> >                                      The string girth (it is a roping
> >saddle) gets replaced twice a year or whenever too dirty to brush off.
> Frequent replacement is good, but if I used the too-dirty
> rule I'd have to get a new string girth after almost every
> ride.  I lay it out somewhere free of mud and debris (eg,
> a cement wash pad or a driveway), and hose it off.  Ditto
> with the saddle pad or blanket.  The saddle too, if it is
> majorly dirty.
> >I have friends that trail ride for hours using a Steubben
> >saddle that is maybe 30 or more years old.
> In hot weather, if I'm not using saddle bags, I ride trails
> in an old and well used polo saddle made in Costa Rica.  I
> like a flat seat and no knee pads or thigh rolls.  Because
> my knees are getting old, on a long ride I need to be able
> to place my lower legs in a variety of positions without
> compromizing my seat.
> Una Smith
> New Mexico
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