[MSAR] PA Passes Equine Activity Liability Bill

irvin lichtenstein ilichten1 at verizon.net
Mon Jan 2 00:16:28 EST 2006

It is also a good idea to actually read the law and double check the wording
on the signs. Fortunately, this is one case where having a negligence lawyer
or insurance risk control person on your side helps. For instance, the PA
law requires the injured adult party to knowingly make the informed decision
to assume risk (minors are not covered at all), but does not specify how you
prove the injured party did this. And the injured party may not have even
been present at the accident scene because injured parties include
dependents, spouses, employers, insurance companies, and any one who had an
economic or social loss due to the incident. Some states limit claims to
gross negligence, PA does not. Some states give you the first bite, PA does
not for a horse, but does for most dogs.
Also, if you respond across state lines you may need several sets of signs.

Irv Lichtenstein

Rather than approve posting the bill itself, Una found a link to
Pennsylvania's new equine activity liability immunity statute:

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