[MSAR] Web host

Jorene Downs Jorene at CEOates.com
Fri Dec 30 14:24:50 EST 2005

Good suggestion, David. We have a local ISP who has donated web space for 
both SAR and CERT. All I need to do is maintain the web pages and pay the 
nominal extra fees for the custom domain. No charge for the web space ... 
and the web host can write off providing that web space as a donation.


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From: "David Kovar" <kovar at 1srg.org>
> You might find someone willing to host it for free. I maintain 1SRG's 
> server
> - email, web, etc - and support a number of other SAR organizations on the
> server at no cost to them. I don't want to offer this to the entire
> community for fear of being swamped, but you might look around your
> community and see if you can find someone similar.

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