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WE had a foal born last year in the water tub. The mare was put out for awhile in the round pen while my friend was cleaning stalls. Fortunately she was there when she heard splashing and looked to see the foal sitting in the tub. We named it Bobby after Bobby Buchet from the movie the Waterboy.
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> Most of our mares foal between sundown and sunup. We almost got caught last 
> year when a maiden mare foaled at noon. Luckily my daughter and vet were 
> here, doing other things around the barn, and were right there for her ... 
> in the mud of the turnout instead of the nice 12x24 bedded foaling stall. ;) 
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> >I was on foal watch years ago with my mare. They say 
> > they usually foal in the middle of the night when all 
> > is quiet and peaceful. NOT TRUE: she foaled at 5pm 
> > one evening and in the mud. It was a chore trying to 
> > get the filly and mom back into the barn in their 
> > foaling stall where it was dry. My husband and I used 
> > a beach towel under her belly and walked her into the 
> > barn. Good luck! 
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