[MSAR] End to a Long Search

wwfarm wwfarm at wiktel.com
Sun Apr 18 10:29:48 EDT 2004

Hello All

Yesterday I was part of a search and recovery effort that I will never

Our team the Marshall County Mounted Sheriff's Posse had been called in to a
neighboring county for one of, if not the final major planned search for a
missing ND / MN college student that has received National attention. That
would be "The Search For Dru Sjodin".

By 8:30 A.M. we had our remote Base Camp set up and had deployed a group of
over 60 for the search.

At 9:30 AM myself and another director of our organization met with the
Governor of Minnesota and the family of the missing girl. After many hugs
and hand shakes they showed us a overwhelming appreciation that can not be
described, so I will not even try.
I can tell you that MSAR is appreciated.

Two hours later our team was notified that a body had been found. After over
five months of countless hours of meetings, planning and searching, we were
a part of a search that finally brought Dru home.

As one MSAR to others I want to share with you all a  special feeling I
Trouble is I can not describe it because I do not know whether I am happy or

  What I do know is that I am glad it is over and that our team was a major
part of a large effort that finally helped a family find peace.

Marshall County MN Mounted Sheriff's Posse

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