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pennbo at bbv.net pennbo at bbv.net
Sat Feb 21 02:11:54 EST 2004

Nice website Jorene and some nice looking horses too! <g>  I have a new
horse too. I was just up sort of near you last weekend to see him. He is
in Dos Palos. Really nice, solid, coming 5 year old. Great feet and good
bone. The price was too good to pass up. Oh, Morgan of course! <G> I'm
addicted to them. He has all the makings of a good future SAR horse. He
is friendly, calm, and built to travel for miles without tiring. He's
only green broke and barely that so we'll be putting lots of trail time
on him this summer. That is AFTER we get the house built. I thought I
would be nice to him and leave him in the central valley with all that
lush grass and nice temps - at least until winter is almost done here.
It has been snowing all day and is predicted to snow for the next
several days. We'll see. I'm planning on getting him used to a pack
right away so he can be useful. He won't be full grown for at least a

Chris Pennington
Big Bear Sheriff's Posse

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