[MSAR] Chaves County Sheriff's Posse, in New Mexico

MSAR Maintainer msar at metalab.unc.edu
Fri Jan 31 18:02:00 EST 2003

This is from Connie Stuart <ccsp2002 at hotmail.com>:

>Good Afternoon;
>My name is Connie Stuart, a member of the Chaves County Sheriff's Posse in 
>Roswell.  We have approx 35 active members in our organization.  At this 
>time, we are mostly devoted to the youth in SE New Mexico providing 
>activities related to horsemanship.   After permission is received from our 
>Sheriff and training received, hope to be a resource for both the New 
>Mexico State Police and the Chaves County Sheriff's Department for Search 
>and Rescue/Recovery type operations.  Any questions, give a yell.  Thanks
>Chaves County Sheriff's Posse
>1403 East Poe / P. O. Box 1162
>Roswell, New Mexico 88202
>Phone: 505-627-3919

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