[MSAR] Air Scenting Horse

klstokes klstokes at qwest.net
Wed Dec 11 23:20:01 EST 2002

 To all those who are trying to extend their Mounted SAR
capabilities, I'd recommend checking out this web site.

Terry Nowacki has taught his horse to actively search for
the subject but scent, much like an air scenting dog.  He
has trained horses for years, and trained dogs for SAR.  At
some point he decided to experiment with horses.
  Washington County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol hosted a clinic
by Terry last July,to demonstrate how a air scenting horse
works, and how to train them.  I was amazed at the obvious
progress made in the short span of the day.  Not all horses
are suited to air scent training, (but not all dogs are
suited to it either).  If your horse is actively searching
for your subject, you have increased the number of
"searchers" in each team.  How big an advantage would that
  I haven't worked with my horses on this, but I have become
much more aware of my horse's "alerts" because of this.
Even that is an avantage for me.
Kevin Stokes
Washington Co Sheriff's Mounted Patrol

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