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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Jan 3 12:43:43 EST 2007

Ah, to top-post or to bottom-post, that is the question! :-)

Fred Stutzman wrote:
> I think better language is "contained" - the microid will claim ownership 
> of everything contained in the semantic element. 

Agreed. Plus that's consistent with the terminology in the HTML specs.

> With regard to whole-page claims, this gets a little tricky because a 
> microid in the head only connotes ownership of that claim.  We can set up a 
> special rule saying "if the microid is in the head, it is a whole page 
> claim", I'm not sure there is any way around that.

Well, it does get tricky. What if we have this?

   <meta name='microid' content='foo'/>
   <h1>The Foo Page!</h1>
   <div class='microid-bar'>
     <h2>The Bar Area!</h2>
     <p class='microid-baz'>Hey Bar, I like your area!</p>

Confusing, eh?

So the relevant claim is always that of the nearest containing element 
in the hierarchy.


> Thanks,
> Fred
> On Wed, 3 Jan 2007, Terrell Russell wrote:
>> There seems a need for a Scope section... or at least a statement about
>> the scope of authorship being 'declared/claimed' for each use-case in
>> section 7.
>> Here's a stab...
>> The MicroID declares authorship/ownership of the content 'beneath' it in
>> the Document Object Model, and nothing more.  A MicroID present in the
>> <meta/> tag specifies a claim for the entire page.  A MicroID present in
>> a <div></div> specifies a claim for only the content residing within
>> that subset of the page.
>> Terrell
>> claimID.com

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