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karen sutherland karen at rootsfarm.info
Wed Oct 25 19:32:29 EDT 2017

Ah, Mike. Finally have some limited and erratic email capacity via cell
phone. Thanks so much for your sweet note.  We're coping. Scenario is
unbelievably awful but we are luckier than many -- Alive, uninjured, house
with roof, water, used to hard work and in the country, not city.  Farm and
home garden destroyed, along with all Dominica's agriculture but we are
making strides with the massive clean-up and have been replanting short and
midterm crops at home garden to help with current and continuing food
crisis. Farm accessible only with Herculean effort to get over and through
the downed and hanging rainforest trees.  May be months yet before
electricity returns.  Weather continues to be freaky.-- crazy wind, blazing
sun and no shade as most trees gone and those that survived stripped of
everything except trunks. But green starting to spread as trees leaf out.
Even flowers on the denuded fruit trees that survived. And the nights are
full of frog and insect song and, with no lights, full of stars.

Best wishes to all,  Karen

On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 10:38 PM Mike Rock <mikerock at mhtc.net> wrote:

> Karen,
> I doubt you will even see this but know I am thinking of you down there
> with the storms.
> God bless and keep you safe.
> Mike Rock
> Argyle, WI
> With draft horses and mulefoot piggies.
> And I thought we had problems when we lost our garlic crop to wet ground
> and the cabbages to too much rain......  I hope you are well.
> If there is something we can do, let us know.
> Prayers
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