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locallygrown.net has a great back-end.  It allows wholesale and retail 
pricing.  It really shines if you do collaborative marketing with other 
farmers. It breaks out sales per grower and emails them a list.  Does 
all the what customer gets what from who and what grower gets paid how 
much.  Works best with items that have a standard price, i.e. ground 
beef, vs chicken breasts that vary in price.  As the software person it 
is easy to edit the orders with the final item price, but you need that 
info, so best if it is your own product or the other producers are good 
at getting the info to you evening before delivery.  Software charge is 
3% of sales (no charge for sales to other growers), plus I think 1/2% if 
you use the credit card integration through Stripe. We tried Stripe but 
had so many customers losing/replacing cards or cards reaching 
expiration date that we have gone to just using Square at delivery.

On 10/27/2016 9:55 AM, Richard Stewart wrote:
> Does anyone use Farmers’ Web for managing wholesale accounts and 
> ordering?
> A local food delivery service uses Local Orbit, which we use as a farm 
> supplier to that business.  It is another option as well.
> I would be curious to hear feed back on these as farmers using them to 
> supply wholesale accounts.
> Or other options out there.  We are close to getting our new space up 
> and running with an actual office that can be used by my staff as 
> opposed to me acting as the supreme overlord and I am starting to look 
> at stuff that is multi-user-interface friendly, either office/field or 
> office/field/delivery.
> Cheers!
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