[Market-farming] Turmeric Root Stock

karen karen at rootsfarm.info
Sun Oct 23 14:05:10 EDT 2016

Would love to provide you with some lovely organic (noncertified)  turmeric root stock from Dominica but at present U.S. only permits imported turmeric from 5 countries.  Officials at APHIS/USDA said just have your Gov’t Ag people apply — no problem getting on admissible list.  Have been trying for 2+ years to get our Ministry of Ag to do the official necessities but —sigh — Caribbean time…….

Growing turmeric so similar to growing ginger.  Again, plant life cycle is to die back to roots when mature, then spring again months later.  Rhizomes keep getting bigger and more plentiful.  Here is an almost no work plant (except for harvest).  

Tried Galangal (another of wonderful ginger family) which makes HUGE lovely plants with serious, hard to extricate rhizomes.  No sign of die-back.

Best wishes to all,


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karen at rootsfarm.info

On Oct 23, 2016, at 1:15 PM, TxBeeFarmer <txbeefarmer at gmail.com> wrote:

I’m looking buy some Turmeric Root Stock.  I live in west Texas in the Midland Odessa area.  Anyone know where I can get some?
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