[Market-farming] farming in space with NASA..

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It is super interesting stuff!  "Outredgeous" lettuce was bred by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed, so I get a big kick out of thinking, hey, I know Frank Morton, so that makes me only a few degrees of separation from space station astronauts...

One of the biggest challenges of space farming on the space station is zero gravity -- they can't let soil particles be drifting all over the place, so they have to grow greens in those weird plant pillows.

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Just came on this interesting topic.  Enjoy.


Veg-03 Plant Pillows Readied at Kennedy Space Center for ...<http://www.nasa.gov/feature/veg-03-plant-pillows-readied-at-kennedy-space-center-for-trip-to-space-station>
Plant pillows containing cabbage and lettuce seeds for the Veg-03 experiment were prepared inside the Veggie flight laboratory at NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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