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Wed Nov 2 08:23:10 EDT 2016

Hi, Folks!

My thoughts on berries and pawpaws:


I'm doing black currants as is a friend.  Demand is high for fresh if you
have European ex-pats in the area.  The jelly is really, really good.
Picking is a PITA although it might be similar to elderberries - I want to
go there next.


Elderberries:  Asked a nursery friend about them and she seems to feel like
pawpaws, the wild ones do just as well as the cultivars.  Just have two
types for best fruit set.


Pawpaws:  Local expert says that if you plant them in the sun from when the
leaves first start, the leaves will adapt so they don't need shade.  Also,
he feels that Roundup in the long run hurts the tree - prefers a deep mulch.
Feels that KSU has to replace trees too often because they use Roundup.


Goji Berries:  Supposedly, better as a dried fruit for selling/eating, at
least according to a local friend.


Great thread!





Dorene Pasekoff

Hill Creek Farm

75 Creamery Road

Pottstown, PA 19465






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