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I've been growing Rugosa roses, Mainly Rugosa Alba, for rose hips and was wondering if anybody else has been growing other varieties what the growth characteristics were and the size and quality, flavor etc of them.  I'm also interested in the fragrance as I'm looking into distilling Rose oil, which goes for about $100 an ounce these days.  I'm also looking sauces of these varieties.  The alba is interesting because it produces large fruit, grows to about 6 ft tall, has excellent fragrance, suckers and grows into a thicket after a while but the flowers are simple five petal types which makes it hard to collect for distillation.  It supposedly is a constant bloomer but I haven't seen that though it does have a few after the initial bloom.  I've heard that the Roseraie De L'Hay grows to about 12 feet and has nice double blooms and great fragrance but haven't heard much about the hips.  The blanc Double de Coubert has nice double blooms with intense fragrance and good hips ( I've heard its a sport of the alba actually though I haven't heard anything about a suckering tendency) tall but I've heard the blooms get ruined when it rains.  The Frau Dagmar is interesting but its pretty short from what I've heard and has a tendency to require trellising, not sure about how intense the fragrance is either, The Michel Truedeau does sound interesting but its also short and I couldn't find anything to indicate how good the hips were, its supposed to be pretty fragrant but how intense that fragrance is isn't clear.

The good thing about the alba is that I can get them for about $4 apiece, they spread are very hardy (a wild variety) and are propagated easily.  I can use them for goat forage as well since they are pretty prolific once they get going.  

Has anybody distilled essential oils out there?  What kind of still have you used and what process?  How was the quality?  I'm mostly thinking about distilling the rose oil but I'd do other oils once I had the setup to do them, its just that the rose is pretty lucrative.  I know steam distillation is legal but I'm not sure if a fuel alcohol permit would suffice for alcohol distillation, though it seems like it would.

So another off the wall outside of the box topic from me LOL.


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