[Market-farming] crows

Shoemaker, William H wshoemak at illinois.edu
Sat May 21 11:25:59 EDT 2016

An old sweet corn grower told me that crows are very smart. They will overcome most tricks pretty quickly. But they understand what a dead crow means. String one up in the middle of the field and they won't bother your place. No, you don't have to kill one. You can find road-kill crows fairly easy, at least around here. I saw one just a couple of days ago. I tried it and it worked amazingly.

William H. Shoemaker
Retired fruit and vegetable horticulturist
University of Illinois
wshoemak at illinois.edu

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HELP   I've planted untreated corn in my clay soil and crows have dug up
the seeds or pulled the sprouts each time. how can I foil them organically
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