[Market-farming] Garlic planters

Mike Rock mikerock at mhtc.net
Tue Jul 5 09:11:37 EDT 2016

Thank you!  That pretty much confirms what I have read.  Having 
carefully placed all my cloves pointy end up I never saw the odd 
result.  This fall I will plant several upside down and mark them to 
check.  I just looked at a bunch of machines and various garlic sites, 
very good information out there but the planters all seem to just plunk 
the seed down randomly.  The hand planted photos almost all show folks 
orienting the seed properly, so I guess that is the best way.

Thanks again.

No information on pricing from me, I'm looking for the same answer. A 
bumper first crop this year, a few thousand row feet, six inch spacing, 
single rows 42" apart.  Horse machinery spacing.

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