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Ken Bezilla kenbez at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 31 10:02:56 EST 2016

Here in central Virginia, maximas are almost always a problem -- I'm figuring squash vine borers -- the plants live ~70-80 days, the fruits get nice and big and we get hopeful... and then they die all of a sudden.
2014 was a strange exception -- for the first time I've ever seen, we matured maximas without giving them any help.  (That same year, zucchini we planted in April lasted all the way til fall frost -- never seen that before either.)
If we really want to mature maximas here, the safest way is to grow them under extra-wide pieces of row cover, and keep them covered for the first 60 days (briefly uncovering for weeding and pollination).
Ken Bezillacentral VA
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