[Market-farming] high tunnels / wind

Burke Farm burkefarm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 17:59:28 EST 2016

I'm listening in on the high tunnels vs. wind thing.  1 of my 3
tunnels currently has the plastic off after a pre-thanksgiving wind
incident.  We get Wind Advisory days about half a dozen times a year,
and severe thunderstorms with similar frequency.

One thing I'm definitely going to add when it warms up enough to work
on it again is roll lock clamps to hold the roll up sides down very
securely in high wind.  Many tunnel designs just have wiggle wire at
the corners-  high wind all the time rips that out & side curtain
failure follows.

It seems to me that my large tunnel is as strong as I would like in
the long direction, but I can grab onto a rafter and make it move a
little the short way.  I'd like to come up with a way to stabilize it

Lisa Burke
central IN z5
growing all year in high tunnels + low tunnels

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