[Market-farming] Asparabest asparagus

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Hi, Mike (and everyone else)

I haven't done this variety and when I did my 1/2 acre of Jersey Knight and
Purple Passion in 2013, I did trenches, too.  But your listed method should

I started 200 Precoce D'Argenteuil Asparagus in January and they are taking
over my guest room.  Should I really wait until after frost to plant them?
Sure could use the space under the lights for other plants BUT I've invested
this much time in them, so if they need to wait, we'll wait.


Dorene Pasekoff
Hill Creek Farm
75 Creamery Road
Pottstown, PA 19465


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Has anyone got any experience with this variety?  Planting in holes augered
18" deep, filled with rotting pig manure/bedding pack, two inches of soil,
then the plant, then some soil.  As per instructions, the head of the crown
is set 6" below soil line and will be filled over the course of the summer.
  Any problems evident?
  Last time I planted a bed was in 1990, a thousand plants, in trenches.  I
was younger then!!  That bed is wearing out so am planting a new one and
trying this variety.

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