[Market-farming] Snowing! and another tomato question

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Tough as in takes inclement weather well.  It is not completely crack resistant if watering is up and down.  Our average frost dates are May 1-10 and October 11-20.  Freeze dates are April 15 and October 18.  We are in the plains area of  Missouri with rolling hills.  Lots of industrial wind towers around here.  - Hope this helps - mac 

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We are in NW Missouri 30 miles east of St Joseph.  Zone 5b.  Goliath hybrid is marketed as a northern tomato, it is tough and tastes great.    

Do you mean that it's tough as in it stands up to weather, or it's tough as in it has tough skin and/or hard texture? 

-- are you up in the hills? I think of Missouri as considerably warmer than here! -- what's your usual spring and fall frost free dates? 

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 6A now I think 
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