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 We, too, use McEnroe's potting soil.  We used Vermont Compost for several
> years, with very good results, but switched to McEnroe after the cost of VC
> became prohibitive, both for the material and the trucking, (McE is closer
> to us than VC).  We find the McEnroe material holds out a bit longer,
> before needing supplemental feeding.  With both materials, we have been
> adding Worm Power vermicompost.  With both mixes, it seems to reduce
> damping off problems.  We use 1 part WP to 12 parts potting soil.  We have
> seen some reduced germination for salt intolerant species, but not too
> bad.  Both VC and McE have been excellent for us, with a slight preference
> for McE, which is better screened and seems to hold transplants a bit
> longer. We have found McE a bit easier to deal with when sending truckers
> there, and more receptive to resolving difficulties.
Regarding tomatoe varieties, We use Mountain Merit for its LB resistence.
It's a good tomato with acceptable flavor, that saved our tomato season, a
few years back.  It's a good standard commercial type tomato, with good
We have also gone back to Jet Stars, My primary variety, when I farmed in
the 70's.  Great flavor, great yields, when LB doesn't strike early. and
extreme vigor.  JS outyielded all the high priced greenhouse varieties, in
the tunnel, last year.  we like Polbig for an early tomato.  It yields
well, has good sized fruit, for an early tomato, and fair flavor.  Not
always altogether round., often slightly pointed blossom ends.  Still the
best early tomato I've grown.

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