[Market-farming] Snowing! and another tomato question

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For an indeterminate, I like Goliath hybrid.  For determinate, Red Deuce or BHN 589. 

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On Apr 8, 2016, at 11:05 AM, Mike Rock wrote: 

36 degrees here is SW Wisconsin and snowing to beat the band. 

Here it's mid-30's and can't make up its mind whether it's snowing, cloudy, or even popping out a bit of sun. 

It's definitely windy, though. 

Congratulations on the red pigs (look out for red heifers, though!) But while we're on red things: what are people growing for an utterly standard-looking round smooth large red tomato that nevertheless has at least some flavor? It needs to be fairly early. I'm still hunting for a good alternative to Big Beef. 

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