[Market-farming] Indigo tomatoes

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Ditto on the Indigo Rose-a pretty face, but no flavor.  Won't grow them





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I have not been favorably impressed with either the Indigo or the Artisan.
Unimpressed enough that they only got one year's trial.

On 4/7/2016 11:06 AM, Ken Bezilla wrote:

Here's a topic for the group -- anyone found any indigo tomatoes that they

We tried Indigo Rose when it first came out, weren't excited about the
flavor (but, everything I've read about indigo tomatoes has said that's
going to be the case, that it's taking a while to breed flavor into them,
since the original blue tomatoes used to breed them were bleah/bitter).

Last year we tried Indigo Blue Beauty, Indigo Blue Berries, Indigo Gold
Berries, and Indigo Cherry Drops.  Besides not having great flavor, most
didn't hold up well in the heat here.  Indigo Cherry Drops was the only one
that some of us actually liked for the flavor (with comments ranging from
"that's OK" to "that's pretty good!")

Someone recommended Indigo Apple to us, so we're giving that one a try this
year, here's hoping!

Ken Bezilla
central VA

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