[Market-farming] weeding, plastic mulch, row covers, repins

Road's End Farm organic87 at frontiernet.net
Thu Apr 7 11:02:23 EDT 2016

On Apr 7, 2016, at 10:45 AM, Beth Spaugh wrote:

> No, the plastic hasn't torn from the staples.

I sometimes put row covers over plastic and hold the row covers in place with Re-pins; these plastic pins also often go through the plastic mulch. That doesn't seem to cause any problem either.

-- Here's a link from Gemplers; last year, at least, E&R had them cheaper. I didn't need to order any more this year so don't have a current price comparison.  http://www.gemplers.com/product/139524/DEWITT-RE-PINS

(The repins don't hold quite as well as weight bags, but they hold in most weather, even in a fair amount of wind, if I get them in right and use two to a hoop on the windward side; and I can carry a 300' row's worth easily in one bucket with one hand. If the soil's loose, stomp on the spot you're putting them in hard with one foot before pushing in the pins. I have somewhat clayey soil and I don't know if they'd work in sand.)

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 6A now I think
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale

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