[Market-farming] What percent of your time do you spend weeding?

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Relative to all of the other tasks Richard listed, I don't spend very much
time weeding.  I try to keep them from going to seed, and do what I call
'weed and feed"-- hoe in alfalfa meal, or whatever I'm using, and weed at
the same time, then put down mulch.  I also weed when I'm harvesting --
pulling the stuff that sticks out or gets in the way of harvesting.  I mulch
a lot which helps keep the weeds down, so I suppose mulching could be
considered weeding time.


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I'll try to lively things up with a question I posed to a group of eastern
Mass farmers as well:

I am curious how much time others spend on weed control, and what level of
success this brings. As I think about all the aspects of my farming

soil prep
selling and marketing
equipment maintenance
record keeping
(probably forgetting something important)

I probably spend less than 5% of my time controlling weeds, and wouldn't say
I have them under control.  I expect this is too little time, but wonder
what a better allotment would be.

Looking forward to your replies.

  Richard Robinson
  Hopestill Farm

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