[Market-farming] Hornet and Wasp damage to Asian pears

Marlin Burkholder burkholders at glenecofarm.com
Wed Sep 2 21:01:20 EDT 2015

On 9/2/15 8:30 AM, "Richard Stewart" <rstewart at zoomtown.com> wrote:
          I am curious about the cultivar and are they russets?  Or an
earlier harvest non storing variety with thinner skin?

> We have a variety of cultivars, Hosui, Chojuro, Shinsheiki, Kosui, 20th
> Century, and Korean Giant. Most have a golden yellow skin when fully ripe.
> The Chojuros and Shinsheikis have a darker bronze or copper like color when
> ripe.  I use and sell them primarily for fresh eating.  I am assuming that the
> darker shaded ones are russet type.  We only have about a dozen trees and do
> not consider myself an expert as far as varieties and types are concerned.
> We have been investing heavily in Asian pears, mainly russet style cultivars
> (Olympia and its equivalents with early bearing for pollination), for the very
> reason that they do not seem to have nearly the level of insect damage that
> the other pears do.
>  We hope to sell some at market once we start seeing the right numbers.
> I would be interested in knowing what those ³right numbers² would be for you
> to start selling them at market.  I am getting $2.50/lb now at my market.  I
> should be getting  more but I have yet to get on top of the cedar-apple rust
> problem satisfactorily.
> As soon as things dry out and then go into drought is when you see the most
> insect damage done.  We are in a the middle of a dry spell too, but we are
> irrigating our other fall crops, maybe the watering is acting a source of
> water for the insects so they are not attacking the pears?  Who knows.  We
> have this crazy heat spike after an amazingly wet yearŠwettest year ever
> recorded here.  Horrible for fruit production, but the Asian pears are
> troopersŠeven untreated with ANYTHINGŠthe reason we decided to go this route
> is their resilience sans spray regimeŠyou pick the right fruit for the right
> system.
> Sounds like your season has been similar to ours.  I am amazed that I haven¹t
> seen fire blight for the past several years despite not doing prophylactic
> spraying.  The only explanation I can think of is that about six years ago I
> got rid of my fire blight susceptible European varieties and replaced them
> with the fire blight resistant ³Magness² variety.  But with all the apple and
> cedar trees growing around here I have to spray for the rust.
> I would be curious to learn more should we see similar issuesŠwe have seven
> days of 89+ highs with little chance of rain.  I may pick all the pears that
> are almost ready to be harvest to beat the curve and let the late season wait
> as normal and cross my fingers.
> The second Hosui tree I picked this evening was not nearly as bad.  It had set
> a heavier fruit load and I had been too conservative with thinning so the
> fruit was smaller.  I also picked the Magness trees and they turned out better
> than I have ever seen them.  I have not picked the Chojuros yet.  From the
> eyeball they do not appear as bad.  I will know more in a couple of days.
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