[Market-farming] Hornet and Wasp damage to Asian pears

Marlin Burkholder burkholders at glenecofarm.com
Tue Sep 1 20:52:51 EDT 2015

This afternoon I went out to pick Asian pears and encountered real disaster.
We usually have about 10% damage from hornets and wasps biting or stinging
the ripening fruit and leaving holes eaten into the fruit or rot spots
around the bitten areas.  I was thinking of spraying the trees with Surround
a week or two before ripening to try to discourage them but was busy that
week and didn¹t get it done.  When I went to picking I found well over 50%
ruined fruit and that combined with Cedar-Apple rust damage (despite my
efforts to keep the trees sprayed for that problem this summer), we have
less than 25% marketable fruit and less than perfect at that.  I was a
pretty discouraged puppy when I came in this evening.  We are in the middle
of a late summer drought which makes me to suspect as a reason for the
increased hornet and wasp damage.  Does anyone have an effective strategy
for dealing with these boogers?

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