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    I am working on revising a cost of production workshop to be held next winter (should also have a web version). I am in need of some general information on what produce farmers pay themselves and workers on a per hour basis. There are some other questions on record keeping etc. This is quick short survey ( see below) requiring an X by the choice questions or short answer. Once complete, just email back. Thanks for your assistance.

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  I am revising a cost of production course to run this winter. Two major areas of focus is to establish the start-up costs for beginning farmers and to assist established farmers with increasing what they earn. Increasing what farmers earn is not the same as increasing profit, which we do want to see happen in a big way. Profit is what is left over after you subtract all costs from sales. Part of the cost of farming is paying yourself a living wage to start. The profit is what is left over that can be invested back into the business for expansion, buying equipment, putting money away in savings, etc.

Please respond to the following questions and send the responses back to my email address (don't hit REPLY ALL!). I am only interested the numbers not who sent them. The data will be used to revise a training course for farmers in better business management.  Thanks for your support.

1) Are you a vegetable grower primarily?       Y
    Are you a fruit grower primarily?                 Y
    Do you raise both vegetables and fruit?     Y
    Do you raise primarily livestock or dairy?   Y
    Do you do some of everything?                    Y

2) Do you specifically pay yourself a weekly/monthly wage for the hours you put into the business?  In other words, if you were to calculate your cost of production, would you itemize your hourly wage in the calculation?        Y   N

3) If you do pay yourself, how much per hour?   Less than $5               $6-$10          $11- $15        greater than $15

4) If you don't pay yourself specifically and just take the money made from sales, throw it in your checking account and pay things out from that, how much do you think you are making per hour?  Seriously, think about this before you answer:
Less than $2.50            $3-$5               $6-$10          $11- $15        greater than $15

5) Do you keep records of expenses and sales?   Y   N
6) Do you keep a sales inventory?   Y    N

7) Do you set your prices based on what you know what it costs to produce each item?

8) If not, then  a) do you guess at a price             b)  look to see what the super markets charge                        c) look to see what your competition charges

9) If you have workers, what do you pay them hourly?  Less than $2.50            $3-$5               $6-$10          $11- $15        greater than $15
10) Do you think you are making a profit at the end of the season?  Y     N     How do know?   Keep records  and hand calculate         use a spreadsheet                      use an accountant
have an app for that

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