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Mon May 11 04:36:59 EDT 2015

In response to Lisa, who said " Thanks everyone.  The tomatoes go in at the
beginning of April, so having greens in the tunnels is a space problem.  I
got a few greens
squeezed in at the beginning of March this year and they have already
bolted.  The answer might be another tunnel so I can succession plant
more reliably during March. " here's what we do:

We plant greens, scallions, radishes, turnips in the tunnel in
September-December. In March we clear spots every two feet down the middles
of the beds, dig holes, drop some compost in, and transplant tomatoes,
peppers, squash, cucumbers. While those new plants are small they don't
need much space. Next we start harvesting the winter crops on the south
side of the beds. First the plants right in front of the new crops then the
whole row. Then we harvest the north side. This gradual transition keeps us
in harvests.

Inevitably we do sometimes need to clear more of the old crop than we can
use. We always prioritize space and sunlight for the new crop. You can see
more in my slideshows about hoophouse crops on Slideshare.net. Just put my
name in the search box and select the slideshow you want to watch.

And for outdoors, I'll recommend garlic scallions: when you plant your main
garlic crop, set aside all the cloves too small to grow choice bulbs. Plant
these higgledy-piggledy shoulder to shoulder in close furrows in a little
spot that's easily accessible in March/April/May. Close the furrows and
mulch the area. In early spring, when the plants reach about 8" tall, dig
up and sell teh plants in small bunches of 3-6 (a little garlic goes a long
way, and gets a good price when other vendors only have leafy greens)

Pam Dawling

Author of Sustainable Market Farming, Intensive Vegetable Production on a
Few Acres
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