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Lisa,We also sell lots of greens.  I grow the summer crisp lettuce type and grow it nearly year around.  We start transplanting them out in mid March, into unheated high tunnels.  I also plant kale, tokyo bekana, arugula, cilantro, haikuri turnips and radishes.  
We plant in early to mid march for first weekend in May.  If you want a little sooner, you should plant at the end of February.
This year we planted spinach in a low tunnel and covered it with a single layer of Agribon 19.  I believe it was early March.  We have been picking wonderful spinach all this spring.  We also transplanted zucchini in another movable high tunnel in early April.  We will be picking them for next weeks market. 


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Hi folks,

May is not my favorite month.  All my farmers markets used to start at
the end of May, now they're starting at the beginning.  What do you
sell in May, and when do you plant it?  My high tunnels are full of
knee-high tomatoes that won't be making me money until June.

I'm adding rhubarb to my fields this year, and asparagus next year,
but I'm specifically interested in what those of you who do not heat a
greenhouse do to have something to sell this time of year.

Lisa Burke
Farming Engineers
central IN z5
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